Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT)

Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) is a system that observes the whole person in his or her current state of being. Each child has lain a foundation of their own natural movement and reflex patterns while in-utero and throughout the first year of life through repeated use of certain movement patterns. RMT was developed based on these developmental movement patterns of infants.  Some patterning is not integrated as well as is needed to assimilate into our current fast-paced world. The practitioner is able to assess the movement patterns that are not working well for the child within the context of daily life. It is through the use of these same or similar reflex and movement patterns that the practitioner of RMT integrates the brain to address these unintegrated reflex patterns so that the child can thrive in the world today.  RMT is based is based on the developmental movements naturally made in infancy. RMT is an educational model that looks at the whole person to encourage and draw out the potential of the person.